African Design Centre
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The mission of the African Design Centre is to empower the leaders who will design a more equitable, just, and sustainable world.

By 2050 Africa's population will double.

The effects of this growth are amplified by rapid urbanization and cities will accommodate over 55% of the population. The infrastructure required to support healthy and prosperous growth is immense. Slum conditions in urban centers and recent epidemics demonstrate the consequences of failing to plan for the future.

The risks of building poorly are profound. 

Construction and building energy use are the highest contributors to pollution and carbon emissions, and are significant drivers of deforestation. Health risks due to poor urban planning could lead to increases in chronic cardiovascular pulmonary diseases and more frequent pandemics of diseases like cholera and Ebola. The intensive capital investments required by this new reality present an opportunity to build healthy and sustainable environments that will sustain and empower this growing continent.

The infrastructure required is immense:

• 700,000,000 Housing Units

• 310,000 Schools

• 85,000 Health Centers

There is an extreme shortage of designers.

There are 75 times more architects per capita in the United States than in East Africa (1:2,000 vs. 1:130,000).

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