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The mission of the African Design Centre (ADC) is to empower leaders who will design a more equitable, just, and sustainable world. It is essential that the designers of Africa's future are proximate to the lived experience and identities of the communities they design for, to understand the deep connection between the built environment and human rights.

The ADC graduated 10 fellows from eight African countries in its inaugural cohort. Following a multidisciplinary curriculum, the fellowship hosted a symposium on architectural education in Africa in 2017 and completed a fellow-led design-build project, the Ruhehe Primary School, in 2018.

[The ADC] wants to build a network of architects who can help Africa’s booming cities flourish in sustainable, equitable ways — balancing growth with values that are uniquely African.


The program combines classroom-based lectures and seminars with real-world research and a design-build project to train fellows in contextual learning, critical thinking, and design pedagogy. Throughout the program, fellows advance their leadership potential and graduate with improved technical skills and readiness for professional practice.

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Over 40 different faculty members taught interdisciplinary modules on a variety of topics, including storytelling, social justice, professional development, international development, and research.



The ADC is part of a global network of designers, engineers, advocates, and academics. This network has set the stage for alumni to spread impact-driven methodology across the design community.


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